Orange Head Joke

Orange Head Joke
Orange Head Joke

Orange Head Joke:- You enter a tavern and see a guy with a big orange head across the bar. Sit in his drink, moon. “Say, what’s the big orange head for the guy?” says the man. “The Bartender found it interesting. Buy him a drink and maybe he’ll tell you.” An example of this is the Orange Head joke. When it’s recounted, there’s always a big divide between people who find it funny and those who don’t.

Orange Head Joke
Orange Head Joke

The Orange Head joke is here:

It is like a bartender’s business, and he cleans his bar one day when an extraordinary client enters. The guy is dressed in a very costly trait, is hanging on each arm with a gorgeous supermodel and a limo parked outside. In addition, the man’s head is orange.

The client sits at the bar and buys a drink for everyone. He pays for it from a hundred’ roll and succeeds in getting everyone’s attention, despite having an orange for his head.

The Bartender is not a pry guy, but he felt obliged to ask questions about this person’s life.

“Perdon me,” the Bartender adds, “I can’t help but see that, clearly, you’re beautiful and irresistible to ladies, but you’ve got a head orange. How did this come about?”

Orange Head Joke

The guy recounted his tale, thus.

“I walked down the beach a while ago and noticed an ancient light, partly buried in the sand. I took it and gave it a clean, and POOF! a genius was popping out. The genius said that he has been imprisoned in the lamp for two hundred years and that he is so thankful to me for releasing him that he gives me three wishes.

“I requested limitless wealth for my first wish. The genius says, “It’s done!” And from that time on, it was there anytime I needed the money.

“I requested everyone’s most beautiful ladies in the world to pay heed to my second desire. The genius claimed it was done, and I was able to take a lady I chose since then.

“I asked for an oranges for my head for my third want, and that’s the part I sorta messed up with.”

Orange Head Joke
Orange Head Joke

Then the guy goes over and introduces himself and offers a ride to purchase. The man with the huge orange head replies, “Yes, I’m going to bet you want to know, right?” The guy answers, “Certainly if it does not matter you.”

The guy with his huge orange head soups and says, “You know, I’ve been a million times in my thoughts. It’s like this basically: One day when I stubbed my toe on something I was strolling along the beach. There was an old brass light I glanced down. I scooped it up and poured it away – then this huge genius comes out all of a sudden!

“The genius thundered, ‘You freed me from my 10,000-year jail, and I’m in your debt.

Agape is the guy at the bar. The man continues with the huge orange head: “So I replied, ‘Wow, all right. Well, I want to be fabulously rich first.”

“The genius replies, ‘Your desire is fulfilled.’ Suddenly, I have rings on my fingers, and the crown on my head, and my wallet is full of money, and there are a dozen ATM cards and the deeds of a house in the hills.

“Amazing, so I said! Okay, I want to get married to the most beautiful lady in the world for my next wish.”

“Genie replies, ‘It’s your desire.’ And this lovely lady in this wonderful outfit is taking her hand and we fall in love and the genius marries us right there. That was amazing.

“The genius booms, ‘you’ve got one wish left.'”

The person stops and snacks his beer with the great orange head. “Well, you know, that may be where I’ve gone wrong. He adds. I wanted a huge head of orange.”